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How Firstleaf Ships Direct and Saves You Money

Getting wine from the vineyard to your glass has traditionally been a tricky business. At Firstleaf we are investing in higher quality wine and shipping it directly to consumers, cutting out steps that add cost and time from grape to glass. We love being able to bring value and savings directly to you.

How do we do it?  

vintner examining grapes

Where it begins

Great wine always begins in the vineyard. Without passionate, hardworking farmers it would be impossible to make high quality wine. Our winemaker has exacting standards for what can be brought into the club, and our experts scour the globe searching for families who share our passion for wine.

From Greece to Germany, to Australia and Argentina our team travels to find the best people and the best wines. They taste thousands of wines a year from all different types of producers looking for just the right bottle. It’s hard work to seek out small vineyards making great wine, and we only bring a tiny fraction of what we try to the club.

Our company is built on relationships like these, and it’s the key to why we are able to source such amazing wine. By making these relationships ourselves we are able to import the wine and send savings down to the consumer.


Importers generally work with different vineyards and winemakers all over the world to bring their wine to the United States.

We import the wines ourselves, and by working directly with the small farms to bring the wine over we save time, money, and reduce our global footprint drastically. Once we secure the wine we ship it in a container to our facilities in California for final touches and bottling.

wine making process

At our facilities

As soon as the wine arrives our team of veteran winemakers ensure that everything is up to our rigorous standards. They know just what they want to do with an unfinished wine when it arrives.

Winemaking is an art, and they have a deft hand and thoughtful approach to every wine. 

We then are able to ship the wine directly to our customers, keeping the process streamlined while providing the best value for high quality wine. 

firstleaf distribution

Firstleaf Comes Directly to You

We ship directly to your door. Firstleaf is always convenient and our Wine Concierge team is standing by to help with any questions you might have. 

With Firstleaf you can get great wine for a great price because more money from every bottle goes into buying higher-quality ingredients. We have some of the best value wines on the market delivered directly to your door with minimal effort. What are you waiting for?

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