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Another Way to Save – Firstleaf’s Online Store!

Firstleaf is always working to find new ways to get you wine that is both delicious and affordable.  With that in mind, we are incredibly excited to tell you about OUR ONLINE STORE!  You have access to all of the same amazing wine, without a recurring shipment (though being a club member does still come with its own perks).

Showing Love for our Members

Our members are, and always will be a the most important part of the Firstleaf family.  While we are now opening our digital doors to everybody who wants incredible wine at a great value, we want to make sure that you know just how much we appreciate you being a part of the club.  As a member, you will receive the special price of $13.33 per bottle on all orders of six bottles or more.

In order to get these amazing discounts, simply login and head over to the store.  Once your cart has reached 6 bottles, your discounts will be automatically applied, and you’ll be astounded at the savings. Being a club member pays off.

Getting Wine at the Best Price Possible

We know that you work hard for your money, and that you don’t want to waste it on things like shipping. Whenever you make a purchase of twelve bottles or more, shipping is entirely complimentary. Saving money on your wine is now easier than ever.  

Service First

At Firstleaf our entire mission is to make shopping for great wine easier.  From covering shipping costs to replacing damaged wines, we stand by what we do and the wines we sell.  All of our wines are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that if there is any reason you didn’t enjoy your Firstleaf wine, we will credit you for the bottle.

As always, we hope that you enjoy the wines that we have available to you as much as we loved picking them out. Time to pull out the corkscrew and start popping some bottles as you peruse the vast stock of Firstleaf’s new online store.

Looking for some inspiration on what bottles to choose? Here are Firstleaf’s 6 top rated wines - just click on the image to visit that wine’s page and add it to your cart. Make sure to add 12 bottles to take advantage of this incredible deal!

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