Blog Firstleaf Wine, From Grape to Glass and Everywhere in Between

Wine, From Grape to Glass and Everywhere in Between

Welcome to the Firstleaf Wine Blog, a space for us to explore different parts of the vast world of wine!
Firstleaf was started to address one particular question that is sadly too prevalent in the wine industry: why is finding great wine so hard? Everyone at some point has walked into a wine shop and stared at the rows and rows of bottles on the shelf. The choices can be overwhelming. There are different regions and varietals and price ranges and qualities and colors. Just knowing where to start is hard. And that's why we are starting this blog. We want to explore the world of wine and help answer questions along the way. There are so many exciting topics to dive into, but if you have anything you want to learn about let us know! Our experts are here to help you—they don't just pick you fantastically priced, award-winning wines that are matched to your taste. They also want to answer your questions. Firstleaf is all about helping you find great wine. Wine doesn’t have to be intimidating! Cheers, Firstleaf

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